Unplanned, the Movie, Surpasses Planned Parenthood's Followers on Twitter - The Heart of America

Written by: Spring Phoenix

Last week, on opening day, the Unplanned official movie account was suddenly suspended by Twitter. Overnight, there seemed to be a convenient "glitch" that was deleting or removing followers from the account. In spite of all of that, and against all odds, the movie and the and the official Twitter account has surpassed expectations.

The "glitch" that ensued last night where people were unknowingly unfollowing the account, caused a reaction that no one was expecting. A battle cry went out like a shot in the dark and something miraculous happened.

They gained more followers. Not just a little more but a lot more. The outraged public tweeted their screen videos showing that when they tried to click "follow", it would immediately unselect it. This was happening to one account after another. As a result, people were outraged at Twitter. It was not normal and it certainly was not okay. This morning the page had about 177K at around 8 am CST. Now, the page has 288K at 4:30 pm CST.

Because of Twitter's censorship efforts, the movie's official page has surpassed the number of followers that Planned Parenthood has and is expected to keep climbing. The nation, the people, are making their voices heard and it's certainly a sign of the times and the hearts of Americans.

Unplanned has grossed over $6.3 million and was #4 at the box office over the past weekend.

You can buy tickets here: https://www.fandango.com/unplanned-2019-217235/movie-overview




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