Trump’s Vindication and What the Media Needs to do to Regain American's Trust and Credibility.

Why a Complete and Full Audit of our Media is now Required.

Written by: Spring Phoenix

Now that the Trump Russia Collusion conspiracy has been debunked, Americans are now more confused than ever. Especially those on the left of the political spectrum. The media, for more than two years, has spent an extreme and unusual amount of their coverage on President, Donald J. Trump and the #RussiaGate conspiracy theory.

Not only that but their extremely negative coverage of the President in general, his policies and administration is unprecedented. He is right to come out vocally about the media. He has know there was no collusion. He was right and the media was wrong.

The media, considering recent developments, needs to take a big step back to reevaluate the whole system for which they have operated and how they got to the point their coverage was so extremely negative towards a then Presidential nominee, now sitting President.

They won’t be able to do this themselves as they are clearly too close to the matter. Plus, the public wouldn't believe them anyways.

From a public affairs perspective, in order to work towards regaining the trust within our media institutions they must:

  1. Issue an immediate apology and take responsibility for the out of control biased reporting and address publicly why they think it occurred. The public will need to know and understand this. They also reassure the American people that will work to earn their trust moving forward.

  2. Hire an outside and unbiased firm to conduct an audit on the way their companies operate. That will allow for a full and accurate accounting about why and how things occurred the way they did. It will also assess checks and balances and whether any still exist.

  3. There needs to full transparency of the findings and a clear path forward to correct and ensure that the media don’t become biased rogue activists again.

The media will not be able to wait this one out or wish it away. All of these actions need to be initiated and supported from the top down to make it right.

The whole industry has lost the appearance of credibility. They will have to work very hard to earn it back. If they even care.

It has been non-stop negativity from the media and Democratic representatives (that’s another article). The clear hatred, spin, fear-monger, framing the narrative, misleading headlines, all while regurgitating the same 4 am talking points. Always attempting to dominate the news cycles with negative coverage and conspiracy theories whilst sitting in self-imposed echo chambers of self-congratulations and perpetuation of the false narrative.

Was it done for the money or because they are biased? Perhaps both.

Many of their viewers are now confused about what they’ve been watching, always being bombarded with negativity and now the media was wrong? After investing so much time and energy to convince the American people that they were right but they weren't. Why so ferociously attack and double-down on the fallacies? Aren't they supposed to unbiased, objective, unemotional and seek the truth?

How could the media be so wrong? Perhaps they now have questions about the trustworthiness of the media. Has the media become partisan political activists? Long gone are the days that the media believed in reporting fairly and honestly. A good question is how did they get to this point? Another valid question is why would they do this?

I believe more will be forthcoming soon in how everything occurred. This will be a good thing for the American public. A full and complete picture.

We will see how the media decides to cover what comes next. That will let us know how seriously they are dedicated to reporting fairly and honestly. They have an opportunity right now.

It would be a shame if they decided not to take it.

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