Those Who will not Freeze to Death will Starve to Death

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

Written by: Bill Crowell

Original Article:

All of nature runs in cycles from the grandest scale of the universe to the reproduction of the smallest organism. The planets rotate on their axis and around our star. Our star moves northward in its path in the galaxy and drags our little planets with it. The equinoxes have their processions. The cycles of nature are not lost on the ancients nor on the eastern religions, but we in the West seem to have missed it completely.

The most awareness a western person has to cycles is the seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall as a grudging acceptance that our planet, at least, orbits the Sun every 365.25 days more or less. If you asked a thousand people how this orbit fits into the larger scheme of things, I doubt you'd find even 1 person who has a clue. Even fewer have any understanding that the Sun's size is 800,000 times the size of our puny little planet parked a mere 8.2 light-minutes away from it.

As an amateur radio operator, I'm keenly aware of the Sun and its cycles - more specifically the Schwabe Cycle which is the name for the variation in sunspots which averages 11 years. When I got my license in 1982, it was near the peak of Cycle 21 and as of the writing of this article, it is near the end of Cycle 24. At the peaks of these cycles, the Sun has many sunspots and the solar wind charges our Ionosphere - that part of the atmosphere that is far out in space. This charging of the Ionosphere increases its reflectivity to High Frequency radio waves and enables world-wide communication with very low-power radios as the signals bounce in a "skip" like the Ionosphere is the glass of a massive snow-globe. At the minimums of the cycle, I and others must use high-power amplifiers to be heard.

The peaks of the Schwabe Cycles also correlate with the warmer years and the nadirs with cooler years. To the careful observer, the height of the peaks themselves are contained in a 200-year cycle and this cycle is part of a larger 400-year cycle which is part of an even longer set of cycles. Sunspots have been observed and recorded by observers for hundreds of years.

Cycle 24's peak is much, much lower than Cycle 23's peak and the trend line of the last 3 cycles is downwards and this indicates that Cycle 25 will be much lower still and the same for 26 and so on for at least 2 more cycles. This places us in a nadir of a 400-year cycle. When we look back at the previous history, we see the Maunder Minimum. At the very least, we can predict a 200-year nadir and look back at the Dalton Minimum.

What does this mean for me you may ask? If you look at the climate records, these Minima have been some of the coldest in recorded history. They have seen frigid temperatures and a reduction in agricultural output that caused mass starvation. But, it can't happen to us, right? Wrong. We're already seeing crop losses staking up and the losses are accelerating. Adapt2030 on YouTube has some of the best information on the temperatures, weather currents and crop losses.

This Winter's cold has continued to set all-time records for cold. Los Angeles, California had its first February in 132 years with no day rising above 70F. The Midwest had hundreds of all-time records for cold shattered like so many icicles and still the cabal keeps bleating out the Global Warming myth. They now call it "Climate Change" in order to perpetuate the lie.

During a 200-year or 400-year minimum, some parts of the planet increase in temperature. The intra-tropical convergence zone around Australia lifts and causes temperatures to elevate as do other changes that cause a warming in Alaska, all while the major inhabited zones of North America, Europe and Asia are plunged into cold.

While Leftists preach the Global Warming religion and demand we use more solar panels and limit cow farts, the planet continues in its orbit around our Sun and our Sun, not paying attention to the Leftists, does what it wishes to do and takes a nap for 30 years. In the meantime, the western public keeps watching reality TV and virtue signalling  while the food starts to dwindle and energy systems become less capable of keeping us warm.

In our blissful arrogance, we shan't begin to address this problem until it's much too late.

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