The Prepper's Guide to Gold & Silver

Written by: Bill Crowell

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The Prepper's Guide to Gold & Silver

This article is in response to comments I've seen made by others that Gold & Silver are useless in a SHTF scenario because "you can't eat gold and silver." As always, I'm not your personal financial adviser and my opinions are mine alone.

Empires do not collapse overnight. This is the biggest mistake that preppers have in their thinking - that somehow, a magic lightswitch will flip and we'll all be plunged into a dystopian nightmare. This is fear-porn on steroids and it is facilitated by the themes in Hollywood movies like "The Book of Eli." Most preppers think that we'll be living the life one day and the next, the world will have ended. Absent a thermonuclear war, that is not how things will end for the present American Empire absent something so improbable as to be remarkable.

Empires fail over time by the rotting out of their internal core structures.

Rome went from a Republic with the support of its population into a 500 year decline that lasted through the Imperial period until it was finally snuffed out by the invaders from Northern Europe who sacked Rome. Likewise the British Empire was in a long decline at the end of the 18th Century, but took until the mid 20th Century for it to be lost to Pax Americana where it was re-formed as a shadow government that runs the USA to this very day. Britain still calls the shots through the City of London Corporation and it's branch offices of the CIA, CFR, IRS and the Wall Street banking houses in America.

The US economic system will collapse, it is merely a matter of time. When it does, the world will be in a financial collapse as well. We came close to this in 2008, but more free money was pumped into the system and like cocaine, it stimulated the senses until a bigger bubble now looms like a Sword of Damocles over our heads. Can the free money keep the collapse at-bay? For a time, perhaps.

I submit to you that no greater SHTF has happened in recent memory than the Nazi invasion of Europe. What can possibly be worse than to awaken to bombs being dropped on  your cities by a hostile force and then your country overrun and occupied by foreign troops? Imagine being a Jew in Antwerp when this happened in 1939. You have mere minutes to gather up your belongings and race to relative safety in France. Preppers refer to this as "bugging out." Yet, this is precisely what my dear friend Ruth and her family did. They left with the clothes on their backs, a few prized possessions and what wealth they could carry. They survived the war in Marseilles.

When I interviewed Ruth, I asked about the mechanics of how they lived - how they got food to eat, shelter, clothing, medical care and life's necessities. As I had learned from others, even in war, and especially in war, there are opportunists who will sell you anything you want if you can pay for it. Currencies are of little practical utility, but gold, silver, diamonds and other barter items become the new mediums of exchange. Ruth's father provided for his family because he was a diamond cutter in Antwerp and they had sewn the entire stock of diamonds into the hems of their clothing. They had taken other things like gold and silver and used these as barter items.

Even during war, someone will want these barter items. As Catherine Austin-Fitts says,"Always have enough gold coins to bribe the border guards." These are words I live by. Unless you're locked up in Australia, the ability to move through a border might be the difference between life and death. This is where the "you can't eat gold" crowd misses the point entirely.

Paper currency can and will become worthless because it's an instrument in faith - faith that a government will back and honor the paper note. As a medium of exchange, it fails during war time because the very existence of the government backing it comes into question. The government is a 3rd party to the exchange and thus it fails.

Likewise, Bitcoin requires access to computer networks to complete the exchange inside the blockchain where transactions are validated and recorded. Digit-heads love the cryptos, but miss this fact entirely. During SHTF, are you going to have access to the networks? What about electrical power? I might have BTC on my phone, but there will be no way to transfer value to someone else without the network and this is the fatal flaw for a prepper.

One should always have food, water, shelter, medicine and a means of self-defense, but also having some amount of  gold and silver with which to "bug out" should be a priority item as well. Just as one doesn't carry just $100 bills, having full ounces as well as 1/10th gold is a good strategy. You can't eat gold, but it just might save your life.

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