Exposed: Democrat Influence at the University of Houston

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3:18 PM - 31 Jan 2019

EXPOSED: Democrat influence at the University of Houston appears to show why the University President is refusing to denounce and condemn the rape enabling accusations against (D)Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee. Jackson Lee's husband is the University of Houston Vice President of Community Relations.

With 1,000's of young women attending the University of Houston during the #MeToo era, all students, parents, & Texans should be concerned by the refusal of the University President to condemn the actions of (D)Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee.

Research credit goes to @bravehearttexas @PatrioMedia


Our Email to the University:

Good afternoon, I am formally requesting a statement from the University of Houston President, Mrs. Renu Khator on her relationship and official support of Mrs. Sheila Jackson Lee, U.S. Congresswoman, District 18-TX.

On Wednesday, January 30th while President Khator was on her visit to Congress she took several pictures and posted them to her Twitter page which included several Texas Congressmen and Women, including Mrs. Sheila Jackson Lee.

We are concerned about the appearance of support for Mrs. Lee after learning about recent events involving a young intern’s legal claim of Sexual Assault by a former Supervisor of the Black Caucus Foundation. The subsequent firing of the young intern after she confided in Mrs. Lee about pursuing charges against the then supervisor may very well be a coincidence; however, it may not be. At this point we don’t know but it looks very bad.

We (the public) understand the presumption of innocence and due process; however, our concern is the appearance of support by the University of Houston of a public figure who vehemently denies the retaliatory firing and did nothing to support the young woman after everything was made public. Mrs. Lee has been unsympathetic to the claim and it is not sitting well with the public.

Women deserve to be heard, believed and supported, not dismissed and minimized. Which is what Mrs. Lee has done. This is supposed to be a time of empowerment for women, a time to come forward and hold people accountable, especially regarding sexual violence by people in power.

These events have been deemed serious enough by her peers in Congress to be asked to step down temporarily from the Chairmanship of the Black Caucus Foundation and also from the House Judiciary Committee.

Furthermore, we hope the relationship of Mrs. Lee’s husband, Mr. Elwyn Lee who is the Vice President of Community Affairs for the University in no way influences, creates preference or bias in any way with this matter.

I will anticipate President, Khator’s official statement at your earliest opportunity. If you have any questions I can be reached via email (above) or phone (below).

If I do not hear back I will follow up via telephone.

With Sincere Thanks,

Spring Wallace


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