Endgame: Environmentalism

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

Written by Bill Crowell

No sane person would advocate polluting our planet. Setting aside industrial accidents, by all metrics the West has learned from its past and the levels of polluting have been dramatically reduced. Growing up in the 1960s and 70s, roadway litter was a scourge. Diesel trucks belched copious quantities of soot and landfills grew at alarming rates.

Enormous progress has been made over the last 40 years and much of it by sound economics and technology. Just the recycling of aluminum is cost and resource efficient. The new shredding and recycling machines redirect waste materials back into the production stream and this is a good thing.

While the environmental movement began it was a movement against pollution. From the noble beginnings, it has metastasized into something much, much more. The planet was becoming cleaner so a new boogeyman was needed. Enter Global Warming.

Pollution is a localized phenomenon. For the most part, it is both created and remedied using technologies that are deployed by humans. Oil spills, as horrid as they are, are mostly cleaned up (with notable exceptions.) To keep industrialized nations always on the defensive, the problem needed to be so huge as to encompass the entire planet. Global Warming fit the bill because the problem involves the entire planet.

Global Warming proponents demand that you take all of their claims at face value and never question them. They use pressure to quash any debate or inquiry into the actual science and data. Science is about always questioning theories and subjecting the analysis to rigorous standards. It is only religions that shut down debate and inquiry.

If you look at the language used by the proponents of Global Warming, it is that of a religion. Any person who questions it is called a “denier.” Denier is a religious term, it is not a technical term, yet we’re supposed to believe that the planet is warming and it’s “settled science” and 97% of scientists agree. Prior to Copernicus, 97% of scientists agreed that the Sun and the planets orbit the Earth.

Most of us were not paying attention in science classes. Every day, the news outlets tell us about yet another study of some sort or some statistics that we immediately believe. Because of our scientific ignorance, we are easy prey for those who deceive us.

Scientific inquiry is supposed to be about observations of nature, the formulation of hypothesis and the testing of if by experimentation. We would like to believe that scientists are always looking at new data and revising their outlook based upon it.

Sadly, this is hardly ever the case. Scientists, like everyone else, live in the real world. They need to eat and have mortgages to pay. To pay the bills, they rely upon salaries and grant money and those who have the money dictate what the outcome should be. “He who pays the piper calls the tune.” In all aspects of science, the desired outcome is already set in-place before a scientist even begins to work. “Global Warming” and “Dark Matter” are theories that are unsupported by evidence, yet they are accepted as fact.

Consider the vastness of Space.

The Sun is a star that is 800,000 to 1 MILLION times the size of our planet. This star discharges an unbelievable amount of energy out into space. All of the energy ever used by man would not power the sun for even 1 second, yet it’s been powering the solar system for billions of years. Our planet orbits this star and we rely upon it for heat and light.

It is the height of hubris to look at the cosmology of the solar system and think that we puny humans had any effect on it. Do you honestly believe that cow farts are of any consequence compared to the energy striking the planet from the Sun?

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll have noticed that the term has now been replaced with “Climate Change.” Even the environmentalists have realized that Miami is still above sea level, the polar bears have a solid ice sheet and that temperatures are starting to cool and their attempts to manipulate the data sets are insufficient for the cooling. The nail in the coffin of “Global Warming” is the Solar Dynamo and the Grand Solar Minimum – a 400-year cycle that is becoming more apparent every day.

The environmental movement is, at its core, anti-human. Humans use resources and harm the planet. Above all, Western humans are the worst offenders and are in contrast to the myth of the noble savage who lives in harmony with the land.

The elites call us “useless eaters” as they plot our destruction. By convincing us that we are the problem and that we must reduce our lifestyle to save the planet, we buy in to their core belief. After all, the fact that I don’t drive a Prius means I hate the planet and want Global Warming to continue.

Like any religion, the priest class doesn’t have to live by the rules that they preach to us. Al Gore lives in a house that uses the electrical power of a small town and flies all over the place in his private jet. The newest champion of you and I living lives of scarcity is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who promotes her “Green New Deal” and proclaims that she’s in-charge now.

Behind these public faces are the bankers who finance them and behind the bankers are the globalist elites who plot our destruction. Convincing us that we’re the bad guys has been a most effective deception.

If we, the people, are to have any hope, we must restore the paradigm of scientific inquiry to its state in the 19th Century. Most of all, we need to all learn basic science and fundamentals of physics and other disciplines so that we have a basis to understand what we are being told.

Most of all, we should stop trusting all media outlets and presume that what they’re telling us is usually false. Until we change, the brainwashing will continue and the path leads to our destruction.

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