Comey Will Testify Behind Closed Doors to the House Judiciary Committee Next Week

This morning, Congressman Bob Goodlatte confirmed that Former FBI Director, James Comey will be testifying as outlined by the House Judiciary Committee. On Monday, Comey's attorneys are expected to withdraw the first of its kind motion to stop the Congressional subpoena that they filed late last week.

No exact date has been given for when Comey will testify other than it will be next week following President Bush's funeral. Due to the funeral plans in D.C. the Google testimony set to take place next week has been moved to the following week which could provide an opening for Comey to provide his testimony. Former Attorney General, Loretta Lynch has been scheduled to testify on Tuesday, December 4th though no public statement has been issued as to whether or not she will appear.

The closed-door hearing will enable both Republican and Democrat leaders to have 1 hour each collectively to ask questions and follow up questions in the same format to occur instead of the back and forth 5 minutes at a time format of a public testimony. Also, they will be able to ask questions that otherwise may not be answered in a public setting due to classification concerns. At the close of the interview the Judiciary Committee has agreed to provide a public transcript with the exception of classified information which seems to satisfy both Comey's desire for public transparency and the Committee's need to get to the bottom of things in an unrestricted manner.

Some of the topics expected to be brought up are the Inspector General's Report, testimony of sixteen witnesses and thousands of pages of documents obtained by the Committee said Goodlatte. When asked about why the testimony is happening so close to the transition in January Goodlatte replied that is due to the sheer scope of the investigation with the documents and witnesses. He is confident that both Senator Lindsey Graham who is set to transition into the Chairmanship of the Senate Judiciary Committee and Ron Johnson who is Chairman of the Senate Oversight Committee the investigation will continue the investigation until its conclusion.

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