Breaking: Houston Protest Organized by Scheduled for Tuesday, January 29th

Here is the text:

Dear MoveOn member,

I'm mad. I'm determined. And I'm not going to be quiet—which is why I'm joining the "Shut Down the Wall, Open the Government" national day of action on Tuesday, January 29. Will you join me by finding an event near you?

Representative Katie Hill, one of the dynamic voices of the new Congress, announced these actions on MSNBC last night—and already folks are organizing events across the country, signing up to join, and inviting their friends and family to join them. I'm going to be there—because I'm mad that Donald Trump has shut down the government for over a month for racist, anti-immigrant policies and that Republicans have basically gone along and let him do it. I'm mad that his proposed "deals" are just ransom notes to use federal workers as bargaining chips and extort us all to fund his racist agenda.

I'm mad that people seeking asylum are being scapegoated, that federal workers and their families are feeling the direct brunt of this shutdown, and that the rest of us are suffering from a government grinding to a halt that's hurting our economy and our communities.

And I'm mad because there are real crises we could be managing—and real progress we could be making as a country—if we weren't wasting our time, resources, and outrage on this manufactured crisis.

Which is why I'm determined to do something about it—along with countless fellow MoveOn members, allies across the progressive movement, and everyday folks who are ready to stand up to Trump and the GOP—at a day of action next Tuesday. Will you take action with us? 

Will you join thousands of MoveOn members across the country, along with our partners—including United We Dream, Indivisible, and more—on Tuesday, January 29, in a national day of action to say "Shut Down the Wall, Open the Government?"

And if there isn't an event near you, would you host one? MoveOn staff and volunteers will support you every step of the way.

This Tuesday, January 29, all across the country, there will be "Shut Down the Wall, Open the Government" Day of Action events outside Senate and congressional offices and closed federal government buildings where we will talk about how this shutdown is hurting all of us and what we really want to see our government do on our behalf. 

We will stand together with immigrant communities, impacted workers, and families affected by the shutdown to show that we won't be divided by Trump's antics, that we'll demand action from complicit Republicans, and that we'll have the backs of Democrats who stand up to these bullies. We won't fund Trump's racist wall with our taxpayer dollars, the government must be reopened, and people seeking asylum must be let in.

RSVP Now: Join a "Shut Down the Wall, Open the Government" Day of Action event near you this Tuesday.

Tuesday was the day originally scheduled for Trump's State of the Union Address. That speech may not happen—and besides, we've heard enough of his lies and fearmongering. It's time for politicians to hear from all of us, for the media to shine its spotlight on our demand to reopen the government without one penny for the wall, and for countless folks in our communities to hear that they are not alone in feeling mad and determined. 

Thanks for all you do.

—Chris, Emma, Kate, Justin, and the rest of the team

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