Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Credit Where it is Due

Written by: Robert Moore

Even annoying Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez deserves some credit. She beat the odds at age 29 and entered Congress. This is an achievement, and we should give credit where credit is due. The Democrats criticize her, it’s the reason why that stands out. She speaks out against her own party, she has support for a committee position, though she lost, a large twitter base, all while forcing the Democrats to proceed with caution.

Other lawmakers tell Cortez it’s about party but she is firing back and reminding her caucus that it’s about the voters. Can Ocasio-Cortez can be “checked.” If she keeps with her voters the answer is, No!

Can Cortez pull the Democrat party towards her? That’s not happening either. A standoff within the Democrat party is on. Cortez’s' arsenal, using guerrilla tactics, an army of 2.2M Twitter followers, subpoena power and an opinion of her own as a rookie changes things. It’s no longer about how long someone has been in office.

She has brought some unorthodox tools to get the job done and she is getting results. She has managed to remove a long term incumbent Joe Crowley, amass a large Twitter audience and her name is everywhere. Perhaps Nancy Pelosi has some competition, it’s not about bank accounts any more, and it’s about reaching out to others, giving them a voice and obtaining support.

With all this being said, while I don't agree with Cortez's political views in any way, shape or form, she is; however, representing her voters in Congress, using her voice and is not intimidated of speaking out against others. I have to say it because she does deserve it. Push forward Cortez, push forward.

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