A Treatise in Reprisal – The Great Awakening

Written by: I Am We The People



I’ve always known there are things going on behind the scenes. We see it every time there’s a major headline or news article: a gang attack, a mass murder, a lawsuit over drug induced deaths, missing children, corrupt politicians, human exploitation, greed, sin, murder, etc… The list goes on nearly forever. In fact, there are even jokes about it like: “How do you know a politician is lying…when their lips are moving.” We laugh and move on, but it always bothered me. The people in charge, the leaders of nations, the heads of companies, even charity leaders, all seemed to have almost alien personas. They purport to be for the people, for the little guy, for this cause or another, but in reality, they do nearly the complete opposite.

Something else that bothered me was the proverbial gatekeepers to wealth. The idea that we are free to do, build, create anything, and earn whatever wealth that society would bestow upon us seemed like hollow platitudes. In theory it’s quite true, but the reality is that all who attempt to create things which truly better the world, and even remotely challenge the paradigm were/are squelched, marginalized, or outright eliminated. I watched as inventors and scientists appeared on the news television touting their new energy invention, a cure for some disease, or even a simple fuel efficiency change for vehicles, but after a few months nothing. Most of which I’m referring to are peer reviewed and proven, yet suddenly all references are gone. Then you consider the tax system. Even if the goal is to tax the “uber rich” why do we tax a family of five making just over a hundred thousand a year, like they are rich? They may have more than the poor, but they are far from rich. They must plan and save to be able to have things or experiences they can enjoy. The tax system seems to be built to punish anyone trying to increase their finances by anything significant. The whole system being based upon debt and loans means most people don’t even realize that unless you have enough to always pay cash for everything, you are not “rich.”

When the disparity and discrepancies are noticed, the “leaders” in media and organizations stir up the people to blame those who are not responsible for the laws, rules, or crimes causing the issue. They always seem to focus on anything which does not change the problem, and purport to be for “change” or “progress.” When questioned they label you as an evil “conservative” or “anarchist” or some other label, but never answer the questions nor change their direction to enact real worthwhile changes. They focus rather upon destruction of something or someone instead.

To make a long story short, there seemed to be an underlying current of force to prevent the good, cause confusion, and destroy any who question the order, this being found in every aspect of life from grade school to physicists, from laborers to politicians. It appeared to be like a security blanket, a go to when all else fails, a brain washing of mass proportions. Then came an online persona calling himself or herself Q.

The whirlwind to follow is astounding and awesome. It began with this persona claiming to have ties to high clearance activities within the government, which was interesting, but by itself unremarkable. The Q would post in forums in a semi-cryptic style, but with information leading to and confirming the feelings that “something” was going on behind the scenes and causing much of the strife in the world. Wouldn’t that be grand to at least have something to blame for much of the problems in the world? I personally thought that it was too good to be true. At this point, Q slowly began releasing information proving a strong connection with the highest levels of government. Knowing that documents were about to be made public ahead of time, showing pictures from inside Air Force 1 while in flight, and posting verbatim seconds before the president, all showed that this persona was telling the truth. If you go into the mathematical odds of so many “coincidences” it becomes statistically impossible to recreate without actual intelligence and other connections. In fact, this is known as a “preponderance of evidence” in a court of law, which for all intents and purposes, is accepted as truth.

That the Q persona was established at posting truths, the underlying purpose was slowly being revealed. The purpose was to help facilitate a plan, the plan, to correct much of this evil in the world. If for a moment you have ever held the idea that great evil peoples were guiding and causing so much suffering throughout the world, you would have been correct. The plan for this Q persona is and was to transfer a small portion of understanding and intelligence to the people, in order to facilitate a new great awakening and rejection of evil throughout the United States, and ultimately the world.

Once initially exposed to the covert crimes against humanity, the first reaction is to either dismiss out of fear and powerlessness, or to become blinded by anger. Neither response serves the greater purpose, nor ultimately helps to fix the issues. The problem is that these responses are both normal and expected. It’s like we have a bandage covering a festering wound but will fight and recoil from it being ripped off. What Q has done, is to rip that bandage off and expose the cancer growing throughout society. What is the best way to treat cancer? You starve it. You take away its food sources and expose and remove the tendrils as you work back toward the main bodies. At this point, the cancers within our society have metastasized to the point that we all have a couple of choices. We either choose to give up and conform as good little slaves, or we begin the removal process.

How would the process of exposing a huge system of cancers and controls placed upon society begin? You would need to inform the public in some way, while simultaneously enacting a myriad of operations designed to cut back the murk. This is exactly what Q has done. For example, there are over seventy thousand sealed indictments on the federal books. A few of those have been unsealed and one in particular was Alison Mack’s arrest for her involvement in human sex trafficking and exploitation of women in a form of a cult like organization called NXIVM. We find this organization funded by, supported, and supporting many politicians and powerful individuals in media and corporations. This is but one small example in hundreds or thousands but shows a tiny look into the depth and process of cutting out the cancer. I use the term “reprisal” in the title to highlight three definitions or points:

1. Retaliation for an injury with the intent of inflicting at least as much injury in return.

2. Forcible seizure of an enemy's goods or subjects in retaliation for injuries inflicted.

3. The practice of using political or military force without actually resorting to war.

While we are in a form of war, a spiritual war for lack of better terms, the point is to expose and punish those who have worked the evil without starting wars in which the average people would be harmed, killed, or worse. It’s also the process by which all of us are slowly awakening to understand this level of evil, in the hopes of preventing it from ever happening again.

The entire point is that by introducing Q, we have been injected with just enough form and truth to begin the process of waking ourselves. Regardless of whether you believe Q is or was real, doesn’t diminish the point that we need to learn to understand the forces behind evil. We need to begin the process of waking more than we are now, and the work to learn the truth for ourselves. We have been sold a bag of goods for nearly a hundred years, now let’s reject what we know is wrong, and seek redress.

Understand that we are all human and make mistakes but recognize that we can learn and grow from those mistakes and attempt to eliminate them in the future. Things like race, gender, and class are all points intended to divide and conquer your spirit. It’s time to move beyond the petty and into the light of reality. Q has made a comment many times referencing “dark to light.” The minute we start to open our eyes from the dreams and falsehoods heaped upon us, the light begins to enter. Our hearts start to purify, and old hurts start to heal.

It’s obvious to those who observe the times that this process is already happening. Those who want to remain in power and control, those who want spiritual darkness seek to prevent all aspects of this. As a result, they will themselves, and with small armies of followers attempt to infiltrate groups and conversation to do anything to stop or just slow the process. The reality is that [they], the dark ones, have already lost. We are awake now; there is no stopping what’s coming. We will have peace and prosperity; we will serve the light. We, my fellows in humanity, are all in this together. We are Q.

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