A Personal Introspection after Rush to Judgement: Covington Catholic High School.

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

Written by: Anna Bills

Washington, D.C. at the Lincoln Memorial. An Indian man gets in a young high school students face while beating his drum.

Rush Limbaugh was awesome today. He was talking about the students at the Right to Life March who were approached by the Native Americans. I admit I was quick to judge thinking, oh no, what did the kids do? Guess what? If you wait for the story from both sides come out, we find Mr. Phillips, the Native American elder, is an activist who has a history of this type of behavior.

The kids were there, in Washington, D.C. on a trip. They had never experienced this level of hate and protesting before. I know how truly bad it is because Cristina, her classmates and I experienced it at the Donald J. Trump inauguration.

This story hit me pretty hard because I am Native American and very proud of my heritage. I also have ancestors from Europe who I am equally proud to be a descendant of. This is truly a reminder that false news stories, edited video, etc. can be made to show any side of a story. I pray the truth continues to come out and these students will not have their lives ruined by false accusations.

We have had too much of that in our past. The Duke Lacrosse case, the rape accusations at UVA, even our own local football player who made it big in college was falsely accused. These accusations may have been on another level, but their lives were ruined just the same. I hope these boys are able to continue to share their stories and the authorities believe them.

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