2020 Election Security: MSM Misses the "Whole Picture" because of Anti-Trump Hyperfocus on Russia

Updated: Dec 12, 2018

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Many articles have been appearing in recent times calling on Congress to safeguard our Elections from outside influences; however, why is mainstream media only discussing Russia as a potential threat? With the media hyperfocused on the Trump/Russia collusion narrative they have been spinning for over two years, they can no longer be objective and are missing the whole picture while misinforming and distracting the American people.

Russia is not the only threat to our election systems and more attention needs to be given to China, Iran and other foreign actors who are, could and will attempt to influence our elections in 2020. This comes as our National Security Agencies expressed concerns before the 2018 midterms. By not addressing all threats and escalating them appropriately we set ourselves up more of the same from the 2016 election and perhaps even worse.

Leading up to the 2020 Presidential Election it is not only imperative but necessary that we cover all of our bases with existing threats as well as be able to anticipating new ones. The key here is to inform the public and to make as much information, tools and resources available to them as possible.

This has to be done in a real, non-partisan way and not just by saying it but proving otherwise, which is what many American citizens are faced with today. It has become nearly impossible for the mainstream media to be able to provide this as a service as we can clearly read from their articles and websites as the name calling, subversion, propaganda and fear-mongering continues.

So where does one turn for information that is accurate, unbiased and up to date? I would take what information comes our from our own governmental organizations as well as where and who they look to for information. Cyber Security firms and contractors are good sources for updated information and news. I would stay clear from single sources of information and be sure to always have multiple sources and some should be conflicting in nature. I would recommend being wary of NGO's like the Integrity Initiative (there are many others like them) who display tactics of disinformation themselves. Some have taken to the tactic of identifying everyday citizens of being "Russian Bots" which is what we want to stay away from. I don't know how many times I have been called a Russian bot. This is not an educated nor effective way to identify or remedy disinformation campaigns. No credible source would use these tactics.

Side note and personal recommendation:

A great resource I have recently found is ArtOfTheHak by James Scott. Free tools and resources on his website. "ArtOfTheHak (Art-Of-The-Hak) is a research portal that is hyper-focused on the study of cyber warfare and the digitization of information warfare and influence operations." www.artofthehak.com

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