About PatrioMedia

Why we Decided to Start This

To take on and call out the biased mainstream media. We can and must do better to hold the media accountable. See something, say something. We demand media report fairly and accurately while addressing both sides of the stories they report on. 

"We the People" demand responsible media, free from subversion, propaganda, fear-mongering and political agendas. 

We are Passionate about American interests, Prosperity, Opportunity and the Rule of Law. 

We are the counter to the mainstream media operatives. 

We (You) are

Media for the People, by the People™

Citizen Journalists

New Media

Join Us! 

Citizen Journalists and Content Creators Wanted. 

Our Background

Spring Phoenix, Founder


I have been blessed to have a very diverse professional background. My career has encompassed entrepreneurial, corporate and non-profit worlds. I have a degree in Communications and I am currently studying Political Science. I enjoy new challenges and creative exploits. I would certainly consider myself a newsphile with a flair for spotting trends and emerging stories. 


Wine making, travelling, camping, learning new things and just laid back times with family and friends. Bring out the guitar, singalongs, cookouts and bonfires. 

Jess Teachout, Founder


I'm a native Houstonian and Real Estate Broker who majored in Communications and Public Relations before deciding to commit full-time to Real Estate. I am the daughter of a Vietnamese Immigrant and Army Veteran. Due to my family background I have always been entrepreneurial. I became passionate about Politics after the 2016 Presidential Election and witnessing the bias in the Mainstream Media.

"As a middle child I always wanted things to be fair, now I get to try that as an adult by working on the PatrioMedia platform."


In my freetime, I enjoy visiting my horse (Hollywood) and loving on my two french bulldogs. I love travelling and am a car enthusiast. 

Jaredo Texas, Writer and Content Creator


Follow Jared on Twitter - https://twitter.com/JaredoTexas

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